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You’re busy building your Startup, maybe even bootstrapping it. Either way, you definitely don’t have time to spend combing the internet for the best entrepreneur and startup resources. At least you’d rather not have to. Lucky for us, I get paid to do so.

What’s clear when you start investigating resources lists is that there are hundreds of them out there. Many of them duplicates of duplicates. But, as I said in my 30 Blog Course In Entrepreneurship post, I have spent the last 18 months learning where to go for answers.

Here are the results in a mere 9 links: The Entrepreneur’s MEGA Resource list!

Why not a nice round number like 10 you’re wondering? Because these lists already link to more than you could read in a lifetime. At least now you won’t have to waste any of it finding them. Dig in!

1. Steve Blank’s Startup Tools listTools and resources in every category imaginable.  I stopped counting at 500 links. This could be the only one you need if you just want links.

2. Startup Weekend Resource List: A more manageable list of about 100 tools and resources curated by Startup Weekend. A great starting point for early stage startups and first timers.  

3. VC & Startup ResourcesAn updated list of tools for startups leaning toward the technical / development side. It’s also an editable wiki. Know of a great tool not listed here? You can add it.

4. QuickSprout: 59 Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs: A collection of articles and blogs covering practical business and startup life advice. The list has a unique POV with topics ranging from “You’ve been sued, what do you do” to “Living the frugal life.”

5. DailyTekk:150 Resources for Tech Startups: Well organized list of resources any early stage startup could use. From tools to help you find a co-founder or hire a team, to testing your product and locating shared office spaces. And then a whole lot more.

6. DailyTekk: 100 Tools to Develop the Next Killer iOS or Android App What? Two lists from the same blog? Yep. This post just vaulted into the pole position in my personal obsessions. The only iOS /Android focused list I came across, so I had to include it.

7. Y combinator Startup LibraryA reading list of posts by Y Combinator and links to other recommended reading for founders and startups.

8. Kissmetrics: 101 Resources for First Time EntrepreneursCovers a wide range of startup tools, interesting and inspirational blog posts, and informational websites.

9. ReadWrite: List of Legal Resources For Startups and Entrepreneurs: When you start a business you need to lawyer up sooner than later (definitely not legal advice). These resources are a good place to start investigating.

Any lists that I missed our readers absolutely should know about? Please share them in the comments.

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