Starting a Business Just Got Easier: LaunchRock Joins Fundable to Bring Business Ideas to Life Through Crowdfunding


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We have some big news! We are joining forces with, the largest business crowdfunding platform to help startups get to the final frontier of launch: fundraising.

The most consistent request we’re getting from our startup companies is how to take the large followings you’ve created, and turn that demand into an operating business. Fundable has helped startups raise over $87MM of capital to get their businesses up and running.

What Does This Mean for LaunchRock Users?

You now have access to an incredible tool to raise capital for your business.  LaunchRock users can now receive 50% off of a monthly $179 subscription to the Fundable platform. Redeem Code RockYourRaise by March 31st to take advantage of this discount.

We’re so excited to see the amazing things LaunchRockers can do with crowdfunding! You already have followers who love your business idea. Now you can tap into the power of the crowd and convert those followers into backers and investors for your company.