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Heroic is a location based, peer-to-peer marketplace for goods and services.  As opposed to some of our competition, Heroic is a comprehensive platform offering users the option to buy, sell, and rent all in one place.

When you are creating a new business, after the concept itself, your landing page is the most important step. The landing page serves as the face of your business and the foundation on which your customer validation and acquisition process will be built.  The riskiest thing an entrepreneur can do is blindly build a business before going through a thorough customer discovery process- and that begins with the landing page.  LaunchRock changes the game, making this process simpler and more accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs by limiting what you can do on the page (a very good thing) and forcing you to focus on the principal elements of a high-converting landing page. Testing these elements of our message has been crucial to the success of our landing page:

  1. A/B testing ads to identify the best tagline
  2. Answering the question “how will this benefit me?” in the description
  3. Creating an image that visually represents your offer or concept.
  4. Writing a clear and direct call to action
  5. Trying different rewards to find the one that most successfully gets people to sign-up and share your page.

The Tagline For start-ups, the first sentence on your landing page can determine the life or death of your business.  Attention spans are short, leaving you roughly five seconds (generous) to capture your audience.  What are you offering that separates you from the crowd?  This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  At a bare minimum, the goal is to convince your visitors to read on to the second sentence.  This takes practice.  Spend time discovering the language that your target market responds to by conducting tests and combing through the landing pages of successful marketing campaigns.  You’ll start to notice a consistency in style and tone.  In the case of Heroic, we conducted a series of A/B testing. Using Facebook Ads we found a combination of keywords and style that converted best (in our case, over 30%).  After one week and about $50, the results were clear: people wanted to be a part of something big.  Check out what we decided to use here on our LaunchRock page.

The Description Now that you have the visitor’s attention with a tested tagline, it’s best to support the USP with the direct advantages of your offer in the description.  Focus on answering the question “how will this benefit me?”  I start with a few bullet points and work on writing 3-5 cohesive sentences that quickly and clearly answer my focal question.  Try not to turn your landing page into a single-spaced word bomb about your grand idea.  This is a huge turn-off.  Re-write this section often and practice it in spoken word with everyone you meet.  I like to read people’s reactions to my description, paying close attention to the moment when their expression turns from a blank stare into a smile with an understanding nod.  If they are still looking at me as if I’ve got 10 heads, I circle back and restate the benefits in a new way.  As with everything, test, learn, adjust, repeat until you get it right.

The Background Image Once the words are in place, they need to be dressed up a bit.  An image can be an extremely powerful tool.  Think of an image that visually represents your offer or concept.  It can take many forms, depending upon your USP.  If you’re selling an innovative product, this part is simple.  If you’re offering a new service, find or create a picture that clearly represents this service with just a quick glance.  If your offer is superior quality to a competitor, show a comparison chart.  Be creative.  This is an opportunity to capture the visual learners of our society, of which there are many.

The Call to Action  One of the beauties of a LaunchRock landing page is in its built in call to action located just above the email address field.  With a LaunchRock landing page, visitors can easily identify what the call to action is and where it is located.  Too many choices will kill your conversion and quickly.  Get to the point and tell your visitors what to do.

The Reward With your effective and concise copy, engaging image, and clear call to action you’ve convinced a few people to sign up.  Well done!  Now what? Perhaps the biggest gift that LaunchRock gives its users is the ability for your new fans to share your market disrupting idea with everyone they know.  Make good use of this gift.  Like the content on your blog, Facebook posts, Tweets, Flickr photos, YouTube videos, and every other piece of content you are creating, you must encourage and even offer incentive for your early adopters to spread the word.  This is your opportunity to create a massive marketing campaign that will help turn your landing page into a scalable business.  This sharing element works because people trust their friends and are heavily influenced by their actions and opinions.  But you know that.  And you also know this trust took years to build.  The best way to take advantage of those bonded relationships is to give them something worth sharing and a clear reward for doing so.  Just like every other element of your page, you should try out different rewards to find the one that most succesfully gets people to sign-up and share your page. Once you do that, your new business will market itself.

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Dan Linstroth, Co-Founder/CMO of Heroic  You can follow Dan on Twitter @DanLinstroth, and @heroiclive and “like” them on Facebook

Wondering if your LaunchRock landing page is ready to launch? Here’s some thoughtful encouragement to Just Get Out There, Already!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406012215 hernan

    One thing I’m wondering about that I haven’t seen any inotamroifn on in the blog is exactly how setup works with this. Our site, chubstr.com is a wordpress install on godaddy with a custom design that we’re putting the finishing touches on. If I get access to Launchrock (which I really hope happens soon!), will I be able to use your service and still be able to access my site to complete everything?Also are you considering creating a wordpress plugin down the road?

  • Nate

    Hi Hernan,

    LaunchRock is free, and you can get your account now at launchrock.com There is a widget – but not a WP specfic plugin. Thanks for asking!

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